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Edyta Rooftop/Biltmore

It's good to have wonderful people around when shooting, I'm convinced that the mood deeply influences the results of a team effort and, surrounded with friends as i am, my mood is always great!

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Fashion Photography Location Scouting Tutorial

As a fashion photographer who frequently shoots on-location out of the studio, location scouting is an important part of my workflow. Depending on the scale of the photo shoot, I often begin scouting for a location long in advance to make sure that I’m fully prepared. Each location comes with its own unique challenges that I like to be ready for.

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Andie Scofield-feeling

Color Of The Week #3 Physique

This week’s Color Of The Week leans towards the more sensual approach to fashion photography, featuring works by some of our all-time greats in the industry, as well as a few emerging artists well on their way to fame and glory.