Class With Color

Class With Color is arizona's independent online fashion photography and film publication. Curated and managed by photographer Sammy Nichs


Sammy Nichs explains he can generally get inspired by anything and everything, but it’s usually the things the eye can’t see that inspires him the most: “- Wind, warmth or heat, relaxation, tension or even such random things like a reflection or the way a piece of paper is folded.

Summer Adds Working with Sam was a pleasure, he gave clear instructions for the best photos which was so good. I mean he is the one who is taking the picture, right! It was a good atmosphere and he was prepared with many locations for shots. Great shoot! I look forward to working with him again. 


This Single Shot Success is a shot of Collins, an unsigned model, in Scottsdale. “I did a quick test shoot with her to test out the location, and this image was taken in Scottsdale civic center, cars moving around in many of the frames. I really love how everything came together and how something so subtle can turn into something magical” Sammy tells us.



Well I’m not sure when I got into fashion photography but I remember shooting my first lady back in 2011, while starting off shooting some street life and skateboarding,

Broke but drawing inspiration from my travels around the world i began shooting Fashion and skateboarding at any chance I had, realizing whatever ideas I had. “I feel I found the drive to shoot better and better photos every time I shoot..I still do this to this day!

Fitting the classic look is model Zuri, working with me for the first time: “- Zuri is Great! She contacted me and I jumped at the opportunity to shoot her. She has great energy and was very easy to work with. Zuri will go far in the industry and I can’t wait to see how her career will blossom.

Photography by Sammy Nichs
Model – ZURI